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and the coolness of your smile is

stirringofbirds between my arms

12 September 1988
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Hello, I'm Laura! I'm a twenty-two-year-old grad student in a creative writing MFA program. I live near Boston and I like dreamy music, offbeat greeting cards, sitting on the seawall, eating clementines, jumping in leaf-piles, and falling in love.

This journal is for glimpses of my life, ramblings about how much I love Chocolate Oranges and how beautiful the first snow is, pictures, experiences, and being indecisive. I also love scraps of paper found at the bottoms of old purses, messy paint, glue, and half-remembered things. Inspirations include memories and sunlight patterns.

PS: Some of my entries are friends-only. Leave a comment at any time about the matter.

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